What disciplines do we shoot?


Our primary discipline is small-bore target rifle and we use an indoor range with only three firing points, rented from TAVR.

The rifles in use are the usual mix of BSA, Anschutz, Walther etc. Until 1998 we also took part in a local individual small-bore pistol league. When this discipline was unfairly denied to us by Her Majesty's Government some of our members looked around for an alternative.

Many clubs we know of turned to air weapons, in our club the sport rifle has become popular, to the extent that a majority of members now possess one.

We found that shooting these rifles was both enjoyable and required a different skill set. Unfortunately, at that time we could not find any suitable postal competitions so we decided to run a small league internally. We soon realised that there was little more effort involved in operating a league for a wider audience, consequently, the Victoria Sport Rifle League was born.

In 2008 the club affiliated to the NRA and successfully applied for approval from the Home Office to shoot full bore rifle. The majority of the club members now own full bore rifles and regular shoots at Bisley are arranged.