A Little bit about our club

We are a small club, like many in this country, formed in the mid 1940s from a WW2 Home Guard unit. We still have our original certificate of affiliation to the NSRA.

We cannot claim an illustrious history with great shooting achievement in national competitions and a well-filled trophy cabinet. We can however claim a consistent history of supporting shooting in Essex, taking part in a number of local competitions with a modest degree of success.

Records show that our membership has never been greater than 15 and has normally been about 12 or 13. A small number of members also belong to other clubs and organisations where other courses of fire and other calibre shooting are available.

In summary, we are a small, very friendly, small bore rifle club that is committed to maintaining the availability of shooting as a sport in this country. We take our shooting seriously (but not too earnestly, after all it is a hobby to enjoy.)

In 2008 the club affiliated to the NRA and successfully applied for approval from the Home Office to shoot full bore rifle. Regular shoots at Bisley are now arranged.


The club's original certificate of affiliation to the National Small Bore Rifle Association, dated 24th November 1944