Victoria Sport Rifle League - Rules 

    1. Distance 20yds (18.3m) or 25yds (22.86m)

    2. Targets 20yds - Victoria Target 1. V.6 or V.7
                 25yds – Victoria Target 2. V.2
      Four diagrams in total per round.

    3. Format 'Man against Man'

    4. No of shots per round Five shots per diagram (total 20 shots).

    5. Competitors per division 10

    6. Rounds per competition 9

    7. Due dates Dates when results MUST be with the league stats officer will be published by him at the beginning of each competition.

    8. Time Limit Five minute limit per round, rounds may be shot at any time before the due date.

    9. Firearm .22lr rifle with a magazine capacity of 5 shots or over.

    10. Sights The competition is open to any form of sights. While sights will not be segregated in separate divisions, please ensure that the type of sight to be used is indicated on the entry form.

    11. Position Free standing

    12. Clothing No specialised shooting clothing allowed.

    13. Equipment No specialised equipment, e.g. slings, gloves etc allowed.
      (Contact referee if in doubt.)

    14. Scoring Inward.
      Cards to be scored ‘in-club’ and retained for the duration of each competition by each club stats officer. Scores to be sent to league stats officer before the published date.

    15. Entry Each entrant must provide an average score, from 200, based 5 pairs of cards shot. (Victoria Target 1 v6 or Victoria Target 2 v2) or 5 cards (Victoria Target 1V v7).Entrants who shot in the previous session may use an average from the last competition shot. (Please state source of average.)

    16. Entry fee 3.50 per entrant

    17. Prizes Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.

    18. League Stats Officer/Referee R.B. Johnson (


      Sample target